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  • Compliance with PCI

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Drupal Commerce is Best for Small to Medium e-commerce Stores

Drupal Commerce happens to be an eCommerce solution that has a lot of extension properties like a shopping cart, product catalog, a check-out form, and lots more. Drupal Commerce possesses all-inclusive functions that any small or medium-sized eCommerce company would find very attractive and tempting. Drupal can, by itself build a fully functional as well as high-performing eCommerce store without hiccups.

Here are some of the other features of Drupal that make it the right choice for any small or medium-sized eCommerce player:

Cost of development: Most platforms if not all, like WordPress will definitely charge you when you integrate different modules and plugins into your eCommerce website. In sharp contrast, Drupal allows you to have these for free. Drupal does not have any hidden costs, allowing you to build a robust store online with plugins to enhance your store’s functionality.

Driven by content: Drupal CMS (Content Management Software) allows the application to seamlessly integrate with a lot of products and tools. Drupal offers a very rich user experience which is paramount when it comes to an eCommerce store. It also has tried and tested SEO techniques as well as merchandising tools that are optimized so that sales online and associated revenue are boosted.

مرن للغاية: As an eCommerce store owner, you will need to customize the products you have for sale. Drupal Commerce has the required features to allow this to happen. For example, you can display a pair of jeans in different styles and colors. Drupal makes it easier to manage as well as sell different types of products, including digital content.

صيانة سهلة: With Drupal, it is very easy for your web store’s customers, orders as well as products with a web interface that is intuitive to the core. Legacy systems, as well as workflows, can be customized to suit the requirements of your business.

Different types of payment methods: Drupal Commerce makes it possible to support a very large range of payment methods like Paypal and other modes of payment. This makes it possible for your customers to choose their preferred payment method when they are purchasing merchandise from your eCommerce store.

Shipping policies: With Drupal, you can define your preferred shipping policy as well as the terms and conditions for shipping. You get the flexibility that you need so much in order to define the shipping charges as well as the rates for such shipping.

Compliance with PCI: You will find that Drupal Commerce is fully PCI compliant. It makes sure that the debit, credit, and banking details are totally secured to a high degree. Client servers will not have access to either the customer or the business data. This means that hackers will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to access sensitive data.

iBrandox is a well-known Web Design agency in Delhi من أجل eCommerce web development in India that has proven expertise in building eCommerce websites for both small and medium-sized players with the help of Drupal web development. Their team of highly dedicated developers and strategists allows you to have a robust eCommerce platform devoid of fallacies and bugs. Choose them for web development in Delhi.

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iBrandox أون لاين والخاص، المحدودة
iBrandox أون لاين والخاص، المحدودة
iBrandox أون لاين والخاص، المحدودة

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